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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Levi | Waterbury Connecticut Newborn Baby Infant Photographer

Sweet little baby Levi came to see me last month for his newborn portrait session, and he was such a good boy! At first he thought that he was going to stay awake, but Momma convinced him otherwise - a little milk, and he was out cold for the entire session! Sleeping... well, like a baby!

He was 13 days new when he came in to see me!
Enjoy a peek at the images from his newborn session!

Isn't he just adorable with his hair, and those cute chunky rolls?!

Lynn Puzzo is a professional photographer located in Waterbury, Ct. Specializing in modern  newborn portraiture. For more information, or to book your session contact her at:  |  LPPHOTO@COMCAST.NET  |  860.417.8156

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grace | Ct. Newborn Baby Photographer

Sweet little Grace, along with her twin brother Ben were in for their newborn portraits last week. They were so excited to meet their mom and dad, that they made their way into the world about 11 weeks early! After a couple weeks in the NICU, they are now enjoying their newborn days at home with Mommy & Daddy!

Here is a sneak peek of sweet little Grace from her newborn photo session! Lots more to come of her and her brother!

Lynn Puzzo is a professional photographer in Connecticut specializing in newborn, maternity and baby's first year portraits. Contact me today to book your newborn portrait session! 
Website  |  Facebook  |  Email  |  860.417.8156

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine Mini Sessions!

Contact me today to reserve your session! Price includes digital images!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ct. Newborn Twin Photographer | Natalie & Mark

Natalie & Mark came to the studio for their newborn session about 8 days before their due date! They were so excited to meet their mommy & daddy, that they decided to join them early! They were about 10 weeks old for their session, and did amazingly well!! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ct. Newborn Photographer | Baby Lexie {9 days old}

Take a look at a few images from this little pumpkin's session!! She was pretty determined to stay awake in the beginning, but she eventually gave in and was a great poser!!! Isnt she adorable!?

Ct. Newborn Photographer | Baby Megan - 7 days new

Sweet little Megan came to see me back in November for her newborn session! She was a perfect little angel for her session!! Isnt she beautiful?!

Aiden's 8th Birthday Party: Minecraft | Pinterest Mom For A Day

My son turned 8 on January 11th. He always has to pick the most difficult of party themes, I swear!! Two years ago, for his 6th birthday he wanted a Lego party. Great. Except there was no Lego party anything to be found. Last year, we did Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not so bad. This year: MINECRAFT. There are ZERO Minecraft party supplies in existence in the universe. So what do you do then? IMPROVISE!!! Etsy is my best friend. Ever. Of course, its my checking accounts arch nemesis... but I love it just the same!! Then theres Pinterest. A Pinterest Mom I am not. Aint nobody got time for that. But, if you attended this party, you wouldn't have known it!!

Aiden wanted a Minecraft party. As with all spoiled loved children, Aiden gets what he wants. So I set out on a quest to have the best party ever. Pretty sure I nailed it!! If you're trying to plan a Minecraft birthday party for your son, let me help you!! I will include all of the vendors and links I used to pull this amazing party off!!! :)

I don't usually do goodie bags. Not even sure what got into me with the goodie bag thing. But I did goodie bags. It was fun to make them, and the kids loved them!!!

This is what you found inside of these adorable creepy creeper bags! 

Raw Fish: Swedish Fish
Snowballs: Mini Marshmallows
Blaze Rods: Pretzel Sticks
Gold Budder: Rolos
TNT: Red & Black Twizzlers (no one ate the black! HAA!)
Cookies: Cookie Crisp Cereal

also included were bookmarks and a fake diamond (no photos of the diamonds - oops!)

2. FOOD: 
I tried to keep the food for the kids limited to food thats actually in the Minecraft game. I think we did good!

Creeper Juice : Sprite

Potions: Water
Included: Invisibility, Healing, Strength, Regeneration, Weakness, Poision - and a few others!

Grilled Cheese: Made on mini slices of bread! 
My husband asked if I knew that it was Jewish Rye bread. Yes I knew. It was all that was available mini! hahahaa!!! Other than pumpernickel - and no ones passing that off for kids to eat! 

Self explanatory :) 

Hot dogs: mini pigs in a blanket 

Dirt Grass: Rice Krispie Treats decorated with green frosting using a Wilton grass tip!
Obsidian: Oreos
Gold Budder: Rolos
Raw Fish: Swedish Fish
Trapdoor: Pretzel squares
Carrots: Cheese Puffs (cheetos of course!)

Green tablecloths of course, a black one for the table that the goodie bags were displayed on,  green & black plates (I searched high and low for square ones but couldn't find them! hahahaa So we settled for green!), green & black balloons - some of which I drew creeper faces on with a sharpie! (I tied them onto string and made them like the banner, and hung one from the mantle, and the other from the other window in my living room) Steve & Creeper heads, birthday banner, and green & black streamers (no picture) and Minecraft swords hung on the window with 3M Command stickies!

and here's the birthday boy!

He looks happy about his party, right?!!
Noteworthy: he and daddy had matching creeper shirts. Mommy failed to get a picture of the two of them together in them, so Im going to have to make them put them back on!! haha a

Best money spent EVER!!!
We rented a gaming truck!!! The kids LOVED it, and had a BLAST! I had never heard of such a thing before, but it was a huge hit, at one point all of the kids were in it at once (we started the party with 16 kids when it arrived - which is max capacity for the truck!) and all the adults were saying it was the best kid party ever! hahahaa It had (4) 50" flat screens, Wiis, XBOXs, and PlayStations - and all the games you could imagine!!! It was here for 2 hours! Everyone loved it - kids and parents!

5. CAKE & COOKIES. No party is complete without a cake, right?!! Of course, it had to be THE Minecraft cake!!! And I had to get the creeper cookies too!!!

And, to help any of you out who are planning Minecraft parties, here are some resources!!

Personalized Birthday Banner can be found here:

Goodie Bags can be found here:

And the rest of my goodies came from a friends etsy store: the treat bags that went into the goodie bags, the labels for all of them, water bottle wrappers (printed them myself at home!), and all the table tents! She has TONS of Minecraft party supplies!!!

Creeper Juice labels were made by me! :) 


Game Truck: Highly, highly recommended - Mike was great!!!

Cake and cookies: Christie is amazing, she's been making my cake smash cakes for my photos for well over a year now, and she also did Aiden's cake last year as well as this year!! Everything she creates is beautiful and delicious!!!

Happy Birthday Aiden! Hope it was a party to remember!!! xoxox

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adventures of a Christmas Elf: Day 2 Starring Belle, and Introducing DJ! Elf on the Shelf!

Belle would like to introduce you all to her new friend DJ! DJ found his way to our house last night, so we adopted him too! ;)

Belle and DJ decided to have a little fishing trip in our living room last night!!