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Monday, January 30, 2012

Chase {8 days new} | Connecticut Newborn Photographer

I love taking pictures. Ive had a camera in my hand pretty regularly since I was 10 years old, and my baby brother was born. I did nothing but take pictures of that child when he was little - if I only knew then that would become my career! hahaha!! I love, in general, just taking pictures. But newborns are a whole new ballgame. The sessions take a long time, and sometimes can be pretty difficult depending on the baby - but the payout is worth it ten times over! I say every day, I wish I had professional newborn portraits of my kids when they were tiny. Of course I have pictures  -  because I took them nonstop! But I wish I had THESE photos!!!

Here is Mr. Chase. He did make me work, since he was determined he would miss something if he slept for our session ;) hehehee! But, as I said - in the end, its always worth it!

Laura & Alysse | Connecticut Family Photographer

Laura and Alysse were beautiful, energetic and sweet little girls that came to see me a few weeks ago!! They were full of life, and just adorable!

Kyle | Connecticut Baby Photographer

Sorry, trying to catch up on some blogging - so I kinda got ahead of myself, and now these are out of order - but still just as cute! ;) hehehe

This is Kyle. Kyle's Mommy owns CR Socials Event Planning Services here in Ct, and has been bringing little Kyle to me since he was a few days old. He just had his second session of his First Year Milestones Package - he's already six months old! Time not only really flies when youre a mommy - but its just as bad when youre a photographer, watching babies grow through your lenses!

Mommy loved the idea of the suitcases that I had set up, since a couple days later they went on a family vacation! hehehee!

Happy First Birthday, Jackie! | Connecticut First Birthday / Cake Smash Photographer

Miss Jackie! What a doll she is! She came to me last fall to have pictures with her big brother, and for most of the session was pretty serious - Im not sure I got her to crack a smile even once! hahaha So, she was here a couple weeks ago for her first birthday session, the day before her big 1st birthday bash - and this time, she was full of smiles - and full of FUN!!! Mommy brought the best outfits for her, too!!!

Happy First Birthday, Jacqueline! I hope your second is as adorable as your first! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Photo Challenge | January - Blue & White | Connecticut Baby Photographer

Hello everyone!

So, one of my "New Years Resolutions" this year was (... drumroll) to USE MY BLOG! hahaa Yes, Ive been a huge, huge slacker when it comes to blogging! So, in an effort to commit myself to using the blog, I joined a group of photographers who are participating in a monthly photo challenge. Every  month, we are given a theme (color(s)) and we are to take a photo that describes that theme. On the 25th of every month, we will all post to our blogs our interpretation of that months theme. There is a group of 14 of us - and I encourage you to take a quick *ride* through all of our blogs, and check out what everyone has come up with for our theme!! Comments are awesome! :)

Our theme for this month is "Blue and/or White"
Since Im sure some people will probably go with the obvious  -  snow  -  I wanted to steer away from that. On Tuesday, I had an adorable little lady in my studio, and since my main focus in my photography is babies anyways, I thought I would take advantage of this little cutie pie in front of me, and use her for my photo challenge!

Without further ado, here is my blue and white beauty!

Please continue along and check out the next photographer in our circle:
Mariellen Youngdahl from TruYou Photography

Be sure to check us out next month! Our February theme is Red and/or Pink - that should be easy peasy for me! ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chase! | Connecticut First Birthday Cake Smash Photographer

Mister Chase has been coming to see me since he was three months old - and here he is - already ONE! Its crazy how fast time flies!!! Happy Birthday, Chase!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Logan & Isabella {Twins!} | Connecticut Twin Newborn Photographer

Here's a sneak peek of Logan and Isabella! When they came to me for their photos, they were a couple days shy of 3 months. They were born super early, and are brave and strong and getting bigger every day! I know Mommy and Daddy are super proud and happy! The other thing they are is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! :) They were so cute, and awesome babies!! They pretty much slept through the whole session. ;)

Ahhhhh.... I love babies!!!!
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The {R} Family | Connecticut Family Photographer

Good evening everyone! I hope youre all staying warm on this cold Friday night!

Here's a quick peek at a beautiful family I had the pleasure of taking portraits of last month! Can we say "photogenic"??! :) Enjoy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Jagger and Cody are Six Months! | Connecticut Baby Photographer Connecticut Twin Photographer

Jagger and Cody first came to me as tiny little newborn baby boys, only a few days old! I am lucky enough to be able to be a part of their first year, and watch them grow!!

Here they are at their last session, they are already six  months old! Its amazing how fast time time goes by! You see it with your own children, but it seems even faster with other children who you dont see on a daily basis!

I love how Cody and Jagger look nothing like eachother, but just like Mommy and Daddy! You can see where these two cuties get their good looks from in these photos! :)
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Here is a beautiful picture of Miss Jeannie! Isnt she just a doll?!!! 

Have you booked YOUR little ones Valentine's Day Mini Session yet?!
What are you waiting for?! ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Love is in the air!

Hello all! My Valentines Day Mini Session Event information has been posted on my Facebook page!! Check it out and book a session! Http:// Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun times planned this morning - session with Mr Kyle today... its his half-birthday! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Soooo.... my computer is broken. I thought it was *just* the battery. Apparently not.

Ive needed a new battery for quite a while now, and just kept putting it off. Well, long story short, I unplugged it the other day, it died, and now it wont come back on - even with the new battery.

So, off to the laptop doctor it shall go. Boooooo! Not a good way to start the new year!

Meanwhile, Im backing up the hard drive - so I dont have to REedit the sessions I already finished, but didnt transfer to the external drive - and then Im going to edit on my daughters computer until I get mine back. Im off schedule now - but at least its not TERRIBLE.

Im going to be using this blog alot more often. Ive joined 2 different photo challenges - one is weekly, one monthly. Im also going to start posting photos from all my sessions here! :) Yippeeeee!!! Stay tuned!

Lots of fun, new and exciting things happening in the Lynn Puzzo Photography studio - youre not going to want to miss any of it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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