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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Monthly Photo Challenge | SEPTEMBER | Black and White | Connecticut Newborn Baby Photographer

Here we are! Month nine of our monthly photo challenge! I cant believe this year is quickly coming to an end! Its so crazy how quickly time flies!!

This months photo challenge colors are Black and White. We were allowed to choose photographs taken of black and white objects, or photos that have been converted to black and white. Woohoo! I love black and white! :) So, here we go!

Miss Madyson came to see me on the 8th day of her beautiful new little life. She was sweet enough to shoot me a quick little smile for these shots ;) hehehee

This is Tommy. He was in on day 6. I just love love love love loved all of his little chunky rolls!!! 

And this is my crazy husband. Enough said. hahahahaa I am sure he will be so excited to be featured on my blog - in nerd glasses no less! hahahahaa! Those strawberry cupcakes btw.... delish! He made them from scratch - including the buttercream frosting - and they were to die for!!! 

and here is my freshie little puppy! Hes such a bad boy! This photograph totally captured his personality, and how he feels about photo sessions!!! :) He was not pleased. At all.

So, thats all for me for today! I hope you have enjoyed my photos! :) Please check out the other photographers who are participating in this challenge this month with me! You can start by clicking here to go to Mariellen's blog to see her interpretation of this month's challenge! She is a wonderful photographer, and her portraits are always beautiful!!! From there, there will be a link to the next photographer as well - and so just keep clicking around until you return back to my blog! As always, feel free to leave us some comments, we love them!!!

If you havent done so yet, please feel free to visit my FB page at: . My new website is currently being worked on, but you can check out the beginnings of it here: :) 

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!